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Virale Motorsport was born from an idea: transforming a passion into something different.

There is only one way to do it, to dream of being able to do it.


Most of us live out our lives in the shadows cast by our dreams... only once, maybe in a
lifetime, will you meet somebody who actually steps out into the light...

Bob Robbins on “Reflection of a Dream” by Eric Gulbransen

When we were allowed to make a special single edition our 1010 from New Zealand as a tribute to the brilliant John Britten, we understood that the dream was reality. In the motorcycle world there is nothing more representative of John Britten and his V1000 to tell the story of an infinite passion tied to a single project.

Today Virale Motorsport is a new small and active reality, which with the greatest possible passion builds small recreational motorcycles, for your fun trackdays, which allow you to drive safely to your limit, to let you express your skills with maximum reliability and predictability.

The production is made in Brescia, in north Italy, as well as most of the most important details: we proceed in small batches, on request, without haste, to satisfy our customers both before and after the sale.

We continue to develop existing and future models to guarantee always innovative solutions, to give you a product that often does not exist.


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