Virale 1010 represents for us the maximum possible expression of engineering design applied to a small motorcycle, to create a MiniSuperbike.


But above all it's the white sheet on which the adventure of Virale Motorsporbikes has taken shape.

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With a look at the past and by modern technologies, exotic solutions are brought to the track to have a driving feeling, a limit of adherence and personalization of driving not found in current production.


A frame that can be dismantled without any welding, a parallelogram front fork, two full CNC single shock absorbers, progressive systems both front and rear, are some of the characteristics of our Virale 1010.

Any adjustment parameter is possible: forward angle, independent and adjustable heights and progression ratio both front and rear, pivot position and much more.

The number of components must be kept to a minimum and each part must be designed to have at least two functions ...

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  • Decomposable aluminum frame and swingarm, without welding

  • Parallelogram front suspension, fully adjustable (3 travel points, height, progression index) with independent steering system

  • Rear suspension with progressive link (height and progression link)

  • Adjustable pivot

  • Double CNC shock absorber machined from solid Raimondi Suspension® with separate tank, adjustable in compression, extension and preload

  • Racing transmission pitch 415 (17-37) by Gandini Race®

  • 3-spoke ultralight VMC® wheels (10 "x 2,5" front / 10 "x3,0" rear)

  • 4-piston Formula® radial front brake system

  • Front floating disc 190 mm

  • Double piston radial rear brake system Formula®

  • Rear brake 150 mm

  • Racing exhaust system

  • PMT® slick tires (100-85R10 front / 120-80R10 rear)

  • 3.1 lt aluminum load-bearing tank.

  • Mikuni VM-665 carburettor

  • Horizontal engine 160 cc. 4 stroke 2 valve with 4 gears and clutch in oil bath

  • Indicative seat height: 680 mm

  • Wheelbase indicative: 1100 mm

  • Weight without liquids: 68 kg


  • Retail price:  7800 euros + VAT

  • Delivery time:  3 months from the order



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